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Commercial Real Estate in Finland / Residence permit in Finland

«Selected Real Estate» offer a full range of services for the acquisition of commercial properties in Finland. The company's mission - the formation and facilitate the acquisition of profitable portfolio of commercial assets with clear and transparent rental income, capital appreciation, and managing commercial properties.


Real estate Lease business in Europe - one of the most profitable ways to invest the accumulated funds. Iinvesting in the rental business, you invest in a secure and stable future. We have a listing of commercial buildings, carefully selected by our specialists - here you will find only the best deals and the actual, "live" information about each object. If you can not find a suitable object - just send a request and we will find a commercial or residential property in Finland for the specified parameters.


As a representative of the leading operators of commercial real estate market in Finland, we will help you to make the right choice according to the budget and size of selected property, arrange viewing and will assist in the deal process. Partnerships with agencies, notaries, banks and developers together with the experience of «Selected Real Estate» guarantee a comfortable and successful transaction. In the course of the transaction, we also attracts leading auditors, lawyers, accountants, technical experts, all of which ensures a safe purchase in terms of reliability investment rental business in Europe.


Terms of deal:


Personal consultation (1 day)

Individual selection of the property (7 days)

check tenant (7 days)

effective deal with the seller (1 day)

contract with a management company (1 day)


Result in 1 month: an efficient and secure investment in Finland with constant generation of income 8-10% per annum and good liquidity.


Commercial Real Estate Listing (72 property)



Besides, when you buying a commercial real estate in Finland with tenants,  you can get a Residence permit in Finland in accordance with the immigration laws, based on economic grounds: the applicant's operating a profitable business in Finland that pays taxes.



9 simple steps to obtain a Residence permit in Finland by economic reasons:


1. Selection of a commercial property

2. Viewing of the property and obtaining a complete set of documentation

3. The signing of the preliminary contract of sale

4. Deposit

5. Registration of the company / joint stock company in Finland

6. The opening company's accounts in Finland

7. Transfer your funds to the account of your company in Finland

8. Submission of a set of documents for residence permit

9. Residence permit will be ready in 3-4 months


Residence real estate listing (100+ property)


Benefits of Residence permit in Finland:


- Guaranteed passive income of 8% -10% per annum

- The investor owns 100% of property

- The property is protected by EU legislation

- The right to commercial activity in any EU country

- All payments are made and controls by investor

- Clear and transparent method of investments

- Fixed cost of services

- Visa-free entry in any EU country

- Simplified visa in the United States and UK

- Free education in Finland, including higher

- Free medical care in Finland

- No need to stay in Finland 180 days a year


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